My name is Kevin Heays.  ( Kev for short, or, Kevin John Heays-if I ever get onto the new years honours list!) As an authorised Civil Celebrant appointed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I am duly authorised to solemnise marriages in accordance with the laws of New Zealand. My services also extend  to Civil Ceremonies, Same Sex marriages, Commitment Ceremonies, Funeral Ceremonials, Memorials and Master of Ceremonies at events, receptions and competitions.

Throughout my life’s journey I have always been actively involved with Ceremonies that have remained exceptional, responsive and memorable. I have worked in many different industries that, by large, have centered around people – Ceremony, Celebrations, Communication and Commitment. These include-School Teaching, Rural Contracting, Publican, Politician (Mayoralty-no less!) and Environmental Warrior! – Before that…. I was probably a bit of a rebel really (aka Little Shit)

Professionally, my skills have encompassed large community events within Local  Governments,  personal involvement &  partnering with national and international bigwigs.

My service is based in the Canterbury region, New Zealand – travelling beyond those realms is always a possibility –  and is backed by many years of personal involvement with a most interesting variety of people, places and proceedings. I remain at your service for any ceremony, and I promise to deliver the distinctive capacity to enhance your ideas, your preferences and your personal treasures . I can travel to your venue-wherever it may be.I am Kaikouras preferred Celebrant-  verified by the results of a recently run survey of random people from random places-there was a guy walking his dog, my cousin and a homeless person I bought a beer for.

Your ceremony, via my celebrency, can have you laughing, giggling, sighing and can include a wee tear or two. We are going to have some fun!

         And this is where we are talking about!